Story 005                                                                                                                                          
June 29, 2018


what is  your truth

Diana Georgie

Photos by Michael Scott Slosar
painter. commissioned by the Beverly Hills Hotel to create some special edition work. 
breakfast at the Fountain Coffee Room.
she had the famous silver dollar pancakes and three cups of black coffee.
i had the eggs benny and a cappuccino.
drawing inspiration from old hollywood glamour & iconic wallpaper.
roughly every three weeks Diana goes to the Huntington Gardens where she holds a season pass.
it's her happy place. 
Huntington Gardens sound bath.
frolicking in on the lawn in front of the old Huntington family home.
rose gardens 
finding her quiet moments in exploring the Chinese & Japanese gardens.
“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors.” - Jim Morrison

It’s a little bit funny–looking back sometimes. Places, objects, feelings… When you think in retrograde you can spot the defining moments that shaped you to be the person you are today. When Michael picked me up early that Friday morning it was a gloomy overcast day in late June, just the way I like it. Our first stop for the day was LA’s crown jewel, the Beverly Hills Hotel, specifically the Fountain Coffee Room.

It was his first time ever to eat there, I lost count of how many times I have been. As we ordered our coffees along with our breakfast–the signature blueberry pancakes for me and eggs benedict for him. Sipping on the hot coffee, my mind started to wake up and conversation really started to flow. He asked me about the hotel–why it means so much to me personally, and especially aesthetically. I told him about all of the breakfasts that I’ve had with my mother there, the birthday celebrations, and of course, just strolling around the grounds and the gardens blossoming with so much diversity and color. 

This place has always been such an inspiration to me as an artist, especially the iconic Martinique wallpaper that shrink wraps the hallways and is the definite symbol of the hotel. After we finished breakfast we walked around and took in the sights before we were on our way to the next stop of the day, the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena. At this point it was later in the morning and the overcast skies started to clear up and the sun began to shine. The Huntington Gardens is another beloved gem, and actually my favorite place in the LA area.

We started out the afternoon in the rose garden, walking amongst countless roses of every color, the air sitting heavily with the sweetest aroma. Our conversation steered into the philosophical, the lessons learnt from personal trials and victories, and how they shaped to make the person that is now present. I feel an artist’s mission, at least my own personal one, is to capture the past, present, and the future. To feel nostalgia and longing of what once was, predict the ambiguous tomorrow, and to be in the present and know euphoria and agony all in one moment. After strolling through the other gardens, the Chinese and Bonsai being the favorite of the day with all the new botanical varieties that were now in their summer bloom, we arrived at the Zen rock garden. I sat down on the wooden bench and looked out upon the  smooth ridges that were drawn into the pebbles. You could hear the waterfall faintly in the distance, the warmth of the sun was pleasant, and the feeling was peaceful and still, just being in the moment.

It was a lovely day, and I’m glad I got to share my little havens that afternoon with my friend.



-Diana Georgie
by Michael Scott Slosar